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Ep 78. ADHD at Work: Tips for Planning & Prioritizing (Interview with Antonia Bowring)

Planning and prioritizing can be a challenge for most of us, especially at work. Professional productivity often demands a lot from our executive functioning skills!

Things like breaking down big projects, coordinating with clients or coworkers, monitoring progress, or managing our schedule/ time are components of greater responsibilities that we have at work. Struggling with these can impact our performance in big ways!

Today I'm interviewing Antonia Bowring, a top ranked executive coach, speaker, and author who, at the age of 50, received a diagnosis of ADHD. Antonia will share a bit about her personal story as well as her own insights on planning and prioritizing at work.

If you are interested in reading Antonia's book, Coach Yourself!: Increase Awareness, Change Behavior, and Thrive you can find it here.


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