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Group Coaching Membership

I'm thrilled to announce that our Embrace Your Brain Group Coaching Program will be changing to the Embrace Your Brain Group Membership spring of 2024! 


What Will I Gain From the Membership?

  • Understand your unique brain and needs!

  • Have more ease in your days 

  • Conquer chaos and overwhelm

  • Gain control of your time 

  • Learn how to create flexible habits

  • Improve your energy

  • Build structure that you can live with

  • Increase your confidence and know that others CAN count on you

  • Enjoy increased self-trust and self esteem

  • Make gentle changes in your sleep, nutrition, and movement (without feeling guilty or overwhelmed about where you are now)

  • Tap into the power of self-compassion and let go of shame!

  • Have REAL hope for your future

  • Access connection and support; you'll do the work with a coach and members who get it!

Our membership is the perfect blend of coaching, community and course.


Group coaching sessions offer the best of both worlds!


Connect with others who get it! Membership also includes co-working sessions for extra accountability.

Courses and Workshops

 Designed for and by an ADHD brain. ​

Embrace Your Brain. Transform Your Life.


accept or support willingly or enthusiastically


make a thorough or dramatic change

What Topics Will We Cover?

These are some of the topics covered in our coaching sessions and new courses/ topics will continue to be added!

Time Management

Learn how to manage your time (even if you don't have the best "feel" for time) with strategies designed for YOUR brain!

How To Use Habits

Learn 5 keys to building ADHD- friendly habits and how using habits strategically can save energy and simplify life!

Hacking Motivation

 Leverage your brain's "cravings" for certain conditions AND your personal accountability style to hack your motivation!

Managing Energy

Our busy brains can drain our energy and leave us feeling exhaustedLearn 6 key strategies to protect your energy with ADHD!

Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation describes our ability to experience our emotions without being overwhelmed by them.

Learn regulation tools and create more peace and ease in your life!

Executive Functioning Skills

EF skills are your "get it done" skills are essential for managing daily life AND reaching your goals.


Discover strategies that will help you support and strengthen these skills!

Thoughts &


Building good thought habits can have a huge impact on our motivation, energy, and well being.


Practice using tools to create the kind of thought habits that serve you!

Eating &


 Discover how ADHD can impact your relationship with food and what you can do about it!


Create ease and peace in your brain-body-food relationship!


Reach out today to learn whether the Embrace Your Brain Membership is the right fit for you!


We'd love to have you!

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