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Ep 81. Imposter Syndrome & Neurodivergence

Imposter syndrome can make us feel like our wins are more luck than due to our skills or abilities. Even if we've spent a good deal of effort to get our outcomes, our achievements makes us feel more like a fraud than a success.  With Imposter Syndrome, our wins don't feel like wins at all; our brain tells us that they're just luck, outliers, or flukes. On today's episode of ADHD Crash Course, we'll discuss Imposter Syndrome and learn:

  • 3 reasons why people with ADHD are more likely to experience Imposter Syndrome 

  • Why over-confidence and capability are often inversely related

  • The Dunning Kruger Effect and why people who have more knowledge/ skill/ experience are often the very people who doubt themselves the most!

  • Why Donae thought she could easily reupholster a couch despite having no previous experience

If you are dealing with imposter syndrome, you are not alone! Listen to today's episode to learn tips on how to manage it.

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