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What Does ADHD Look Like in Girls?

Girl with Braids
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So, what does ADHD look like in girls? You're about to meet eight girls- all of these girls have ADHD. Although they share the same diagnosis, ADHD impacts their lives in different ways.

Hyperfocus and Beard Hats

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The problem with this hyperfocus is that we have no real control over when it shows up, how long it shows up, and what it's attached to...

How to Manage Your Energy with ADHD

Image by Abbie Bernet
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We may have the reputation of having boundless energy, but most of the women I know with ADHD are tired. Having a busy brain often means that we burn our mental energy on tasks that aren't even a priority for us...

ADHD and Eating; ADHD's Impact on Our Body Sense (1 of 4)

Image by Matteo Di Iorio
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The current research suggests that women with ADHD are almost four times more likely to have an eating disorder than their peers. Another study found that bulimia was present in 11 percent of women with ADHD (compared to just 1 percent of those without ADHD). The connection is clear, the reasons, less clear.

ADHD and Eating; ADHD's Impact on Our Thoughts (3 of 4)

Image by Kyle Broad
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When how we eat is given this kind of role in our lives, perceived errors become moral failures and can cause intense shame and isolation. The irony is, rigid thinking invites more erratic eating.

Your Not a Bad Parent, Play Can Be Boring

Dollhouse Furnitures
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Somewhere between my parents’ generation (they were SO not buying it) and mine, parents have internalized this message that good parents should enjoy every moment with their kids. And it's pretty much bordering on blasphemous if you don't savor all of those magic moments of childhood play.

Bending, Not Breaking, Negative Thought Habits

Cute Girl in Pool
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If someone truly believes a negative thought (about themselves or their circumstances), trying to convince them of the opposite is not likely to work. Even if the negative evaluation is faulty or based on poor logic- if it‘s their reality, it is not easily argued.

Intuitive Eating and ADHD

Image by Gardie Design & Social Media Marketing
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Here are some of the challenges that can complicate the practice of IE for those of us with ADHD and what we can do about it.

Why Looking for ADHD Hacks Isn't Enough

Family Fishing
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I have some coaching advice: Don't just look for ADHD life hacks. I know that this seems like an odd statement coming from an ADHD coach...

How to Combat Impulsivity; Stretching the Pause

Image by Brett Jordan
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All brains have impulses. The goal isn't having fewer impulses, it's altering what we do right before and right after our impulses.

Your Brain Is Just Not That Into Future You

Image by Estée Janssens
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studies revealed an odd outcome when people imagined their future selves- their brains started behaving as if they were thinking about a complete stranger...we have a disconnect when we think of future us!

ADHD and Eating; ADHD's Impact on Our Sleep (2 of 4)

Image by Alexandra Gorn
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Our missed sleep causes a disruption in the hormones that regulate appetite and satiety. When you are sleep deprived, your body...

ADHD and Eating; The Impact of Our Community (4 of 4)

Image by Hannah Busing
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ADHD impacts our social experience and living in a "diet culture" can intensify feelings of failure or rejection...

ADHD and Judging Time

Image by Malvestida
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Although many of us have reputations for being chronically late, even the punctual among us may not actually be better at judging time. Often, the on-time ADHDer has strong compensatory strategies that allow them to manage their time blindness and prevent them from running late, but their internal sense of time may still be lacking.

Image by KS KYUNG
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Although the term executive functioning skills has gained traction in recent years, many have only a vague sense of what this means. We may have heard that executive functioning (EF) skills are somehow tied to goals or planning, but not sure how this shows up in day to day life.

The Ta Da List

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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Your to-do list is that running list of what you would like to get done in the day. Your ta-da list is a list of what you did get done in the day. I have found this particulary helpful for my ADHD brain, and below are some of the reasons why.

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