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Sensory Strategies For ADHD

Use Sensory Input to Change Your Energy and Focus!

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Who Will Benefit From This Training?


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(But especially those of us with ADHD).

Why? Sensory Strategies are regulating strategies; that means they help us get our nervous system level to the "middle ground" where it's easier to do most of the things we want to do in the day!

We all need help with our energy level and focus at times, but because those of us with ADHD often struggle with regulating our emotions, energy and attention levels, these strategies can be particularly powerful for us!

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Guess What? Your body already knows how to do this...

Yep, you're already using sensory strategies (even if you don't realize it!)

  • Bounce your leg during that long meeting?

  • Doodle on your paper to stay focused in class?

  • Bite your nails when you're feeling bored or nervous?

  • Notice that you crave crunchy foods after a long and stressful day?

These are ways we use sensory input to change our nervous system levels!

Learn how to leverage strategies like these to change your nervous system level!


Increase your energy, calm your emotional state, and improve your focus!

What if you knew simple strategies that allowed you to change your energy level?

Imagine being able to increase your focus with resources that are always available to you!

In This Class We'll Cover:

Join us for a free training and learn how to use sensory strategies today!

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