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Sensory Strategies for ADHD: Input That Helps You Calm Down, Get Energized, and Focus! 

Foggy Waters

Embrace Your Unique Brain

If you have ADHD, you probably don't need to "work harder" to make changes, but you may need to work DIFFERENTLY.

I help people who:

  • have amazing ideas, but struggle with the practical steps they need to make them a reality.

  • find themselves working twice as hard as others...but are still barely "keeping their heads above water".

  • experience shame when their best efforts fail to meet expectations; others and their own.

  • feel like they're "too much"... but still somehow "not enough".

When they discover approaches designed for them, things change!


I can help you make these changes. 


I know what it's like to have failures, frustrations, and set backs using the strategies that work for most people. 

After I was diagnosed with ADHD, I realized that I wasn't like most people, so I focused on finding the right tools for my brain, and things changed for me.

They can change for you, too.

It is possible for you to move from a place of:

Frustration to Clarity.

Self-Doubt to Confidence.

And it's possible for you to learn to embrace your unique brain; just as it is!

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